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Shining a light

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darkest stories.

My Work

Tiffini Amber

Tiffini Mayol is an extreme realism and fiction writer. She was born in the continuously growing city of New York, but raised in the suburbs of Poughkeepsie. Tiffini constructs worlds much like reality itself, yet forces shadows upon her characters and makes their inner light shine from within them.


Fascinated by human emotions and decisions, Tiffini takes realistic problems and pushes them to their farthest limits to tell dark, heart stopping stories that people can learn from. Tiffini believes that within every person, shadows exist, but the light within a person can shine bright enough to eliminate those shadows and push through life to the end.


Continuing to push herself to her own limits, Tiffini is currently attending Full Sail University to achieve a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts for Creative Writing for Entertainment. She wishes to continue learning about other forms of writing to see how far her worlds can be extended.

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